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Snaplaw Sentencing Digest

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An original sentencing database where the hours of work that must be done have been done.

Necessary for the times

As a Barrister for 20 plus years, I felt something plainly missing when preparing plea submissions. As courts continue to place more emphasis on written submissions, there was a need for action.

I developed this practical resource tool engineered to lighten the burden of preparation and save precious time.

Hundreds of important sentencing decisions are considered and compressed into a simple but comprehensive digest with direct links to the cases digested and to relevant legislation, statistics and snapshots.


Simple | Comprehensive | Current

Find the law in a snap

There is no single right answer which can be determined by the application of principle. Different minds will attribute different weight to various factors in arriving at the instinctive synthesis.

To countenance the vast jurisprudence that deals with these complexities, this resource has been designed to find cases quickly and master sentencing principles in minutes.

Enhance the quality of written submissions and be more erudite in rebuttal argument and court exchanges.

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The case digests included in this website do not replicate word for word the content found in the corresponding cases. These digests are summaries only and have been written in a way to maximize simplicity and brevity.

The written information included in the digests is believed to be reliable. However, no warranty or representation of reliability as to such information is given, and no responsibility is accepted for loss arising in any way from or in connection with errors or omissions in any information provided.

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